shichang kang-凯发官方

dr. shichang kang

ph. d., professor, state key laboratory of cryosphere science,northwest institute of eco-environment and resources,chinese academy of sciences (cas); cas center for excellence in tibetan plateau earth sciences; university of chinese academy of sciences (ucas).


research interest:

cryosphere and environment; paleoenvironment and climate records in ice cores; changes in glacier and climate


contact info:

northwest institute of eco-environment and resources, chinese academy of sciences, donggang west rd. 320, lanzhou 730000,p.r. china


tel: 0086-931-4967368 (office)


fax: 0086-931-4967368


email: [email protected]; [email protected]


professional preparation:

  1. doctor of philosophy: natural geography, 9/1995 – 3/1999, lanzhou institute of glaciology and geocryology, chinese academy of sciences, lanzhou, china.
    major in climatic and environmental changes recovered from ice cores records in himalayas.
  2. master of science: natural geography, 8/1992 – 6/1995, lanzhou university, lanzhou, china.
    major in climatic change and glacier fluctuations in qinghai-tibetan plateau.
  3. bachelor of science: natural geography, 8/1988 - 6/1992, lanzhou university, lanzhou, china.

professional experiences:

    2011-present, associate editor for《atmospheric research》.
    professor: 11/2003-present, institute of tibetan plateau research, chinese academy of sciences, beijing, china
    research associate scientist: 1/2003-2/2004, climate change institute, university of maine, usa.
    postdoctoral fellow: 9/2000-12/2002, institute for quaternary and climate studies, university of maine, usa.
    assistant research professor: 3/1999-8/2000, key laboratory of ice core and cold regions environment, lanzhou institute of glaciology and geocryology, chinese academy of sciences, lanzhou, china.
    visiting scholar:
    1/1996 - 6/1996, geophysical institute, university of bergen, norway;
    2/1998 - 5/1998, climate change research center, eos, university of new hampshire, usa;
    9/1999 - 12/1999, climate change research center, eos, university of new hampshire, usa.

field research experiences:

    up to now, i have leaded more than 20 scientific expeditions to tibetan plateau; among them seven times i have been to mt. everest. i am very experienced in field work at extreme high elevations (5000 – 7000 m).

research projects:
    more than 30 projects i have participated during the last decade, partial recent projects are listed here:

  1. water and heat cycles and their effects on regional environment in the key basins in the southern tibetan plateau, innovation project of cas (kzcx-yw-145), 2009-2011, pi;
  2. integrated study on anthropogenic metal pollutants in the atmosphere recorded in the environments of the nam co basin, tibetan plateau, national science foundation of china (nsfc, 40830743), 2009-2012, pi;
  3. historical records of atmospheric heavy metals from the geladaindong ice cores, central tibetan plateau, nsfc (40774487), 2008-dec. 2010, pi;
  4. climate and environmental records from ice cores on mt. geladandong, tanggulha mts, tibetan plateau, nsfc (40401054), 2005-2007, pi;
  5. climate and environmental records from ice cores in the source region of yangtze river, director fund of cas, 2004-2006, pi;
  6. environmental change over the tibetan plateau and its response to global change, and adoption policies, national basic research program of china (2005cb422000), 2005-2010, sub-pi;
  7. environmental change and its relationship to ecosystem over the tibetan plateau since holocene, innovation project of cas (kzcx3-sw-339), 2004-2006; sub-pi;
  8. paleoclimate from mount everest ice cores, nsf-atm (usa), 2002-2005, co-pi;
  9. holocene climate variability, nsf-atm (usa), 2000-2002, participator.
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